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Highlights of Forthcoming and Recent Events:
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Klezmokum (Klez-Edge) "Evergreens Extended" Tour 2015-2016:

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Just out-- New Klez-Edge CD "The Struggle Can be Enobling"

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CD Release: Space Is Still The Place:
Silke R÷llig (vocals), Burton Greene (piano)
This new CD documents the extensive composing and performing work Syl (Silke) and I have done together over the past 11 years. Our music has appeared with different ensembles on 5 different record labels. Here we are for the first time in the intimacy of our duo!
July 2015 Release on the Improvising Beings label (Paris).. (See Discography)

2 CD's Release:  "Free Form Improvisation Ensemble 2013" on the Improvising Beings label (2015). 
Paris Concert with Alan Silva, Chris Henderson, and Abdelha´ Bennani.  See Discography

Recent release: "Open Field + Burton Greene  Flower Stalk". The Open Field String Trio is a group of young adept Portugese improvising musicians.  We toured together in 2011 and 2012 and recorded in Lisbon.  The music defies categories!  See Discography

An extensive interview about Burton's life and music in the January Issue of Jazz Inside Magazine. You can access it online at Click on Download PDF. The interview starts on page. 42.

Recent CD Release:
"A 39 Year Reunion Celebration" A fine duo recording: Burton with legendary drummer Laurence Cook on the Studio 234 label.
See Discography